Gunflint Trail Grand Marais, MN

Have you ever been to Grand Marais, MN? I hadn't until this wedding in June 2021. I go "Up North" every summer with my family to Beaver Bay, MN which is about one hour north of Duluth. Grand Marais is only one hour further north than where I visit, but it feels completely different than the southern part of Lake Superior. This tiny little town is tucked away between Lake Superior and the Sawtooth Mountains (you heard me. MOUNTAINS in Minnesota). They're not nearly as grand as your typical mountains, but they pack a punch with great views. I'd like to think this is Minnesota's version of the pacific northwest, but way more affordable.

Sophie + Jake are from Ely, MN which is within an hour of Grand Marais. They're your quintessential outdoorsy couple: they took the boat out and went kayaking all before their ceremony (we were literally late to their own wedding because of this). It doesn't really matter when you're doing a small, outdoor wedding because most of the guests were out on the water with them!

They chose to rent a little cabin through the Gunflint Trail Lodge and I highly recommend visiting this place at least once in your lifetime. The scenery is magical and reinvigorates your soul with its fresh air and gorgeous views. I stayed at a hotel in the city proper of Grand Marais, right off the harbor. The Gunflint Trail Lodge is another 45 minutes or so drive through the mountains from the harbor.

Sophie and Jake were surrounded by their friends and family, but more importantly, they were making their last memories in Minnesota before moving to Colorado the very next day. I wasn't surprised that they chose the rugged Rockies to call home after seeing their insatiable love of being outside. Their wedding was all put together with the help of their family, but they didn't skimp out on the details. Their hand made arch was sourced from local wood and her white lilies were as fresh as the mountain air.

I hope these photos capture what I saw that day: stunning views, carefree love, and the overwhelming calmness from Minnesota's north shore. I can't wait to go back and stay for a vacation at the Gunflint Lodge!

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